Lab head

Ben Phillips (Senior Lecturer)


Nelika Hughes (NESP Postdoc). The impact of Toxoplasmosis on Australian mammals.

Matt West (NESP Postdoc).  Modelling chytrid dynamics in space and time.

Phil Erm (Research Assistant).  Making stuff happen.

PhD Students

Louise Barnett (JCU, co-supervised with Conrad Hoskin).  Going feral: the slow-motion invasion dynamics of an introduced gecko in Australia.

Ella Kelly (UniMelb).  Targeted gene flow for conservation.

Phoebe Burns (UniMelb, co-supervised with Kevin Rowe at Museum Victoria and Marissa Parott at Zoos Victoria).  Conservation and management of the New Holland Mouse.

Greg Clarke (USyd, co-supervised with Rick Shine).  Competition – colonisation trade-offs in toads.

Chris Jolly (UniMelb, co-supervised with Jonno Webb).  The impact of toads and predators on quolls.

Naomi Walters (UTS, co-supervised with Jonno Webb).  Ameliorating the impact of toads on quolls.

Archie Bouchon-Small (UniMelb, co-supervised with Jasmin Hufschmid and Nelika Hughes). Behavioural effects of Toxoplasmosis on Australian mammals.

Masters Students

Kate Saleeba (UniMelb, co-supervised with Michael Kearney). Optimising detection of legless lizards using biophysical models.

Phil Erm (UniMelb). Invasions and life-history trade-offs.

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