Lab head

Ben Phillips (A/Prof)


Nelika Hughes (NESP Postdoc). The impact of Toxoplasmosis on Australian mammals.

Matt West (NESP Postdoc).  Modelling chytrid dynamics in space and time.

Phil Erm (Research Assistant).  Making stuff happen.

PhD Students

Ella Kelly (UniMelb).  Targeted gene flow for conservation.

Phoebe Burns (UniMelb, co-supervised with Kevin Rowe at Museum Victoria and Marissa Parott at Zoos Victoria).  Conservation and management of the New Holland Mouse.

Greg Clarke (USyd, co-supervised with Rick Shine).  Competition – colonisation trade-offs in toads.

Chris Jolly (UniMelb, co-supervised with Jonno Webb).  A broader understanding of island arks for conservation.

Naomi Indigo (UTS, co-supervised with Jonno Webb).  Ameliorating the impact of toads on quolls.

Sally Drapes (UniMelb, co-supervised with Matt Hall, Luke Holman). Australian Daphnia as a model for understanding invasions

Adam Smart (UniMelb, co-supervised with Reid Tingley). Genetic back burning in toads.

Masters Students

Kimberley Chhen (UniMelb, co-supervised with Matt West).  Daphnia, Gambusia, and chytrid.

Honours Students

Jack Dickson (UniMelb, co-supervised with Nelika Hughes, Jasmin Hufschmidt, and Rebecca Traub). Toxoplasma in native mammals.


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