Prospective Students

Ben is interested in keeping the lab relatively small, with an emphasis on good supervision over lots of supervision.  We will demand numerical competency of our students as well as an ability to write well, be self-motivated, and to work independently.  If you already have, or are willing to strive for, these qualities then read on!


If you are interested in doing a PhD it’s going to work out best if you develop most of the ideas behind the project.  This makes it your project from the beginning.  Ben is very happy to talk about potential PhD projects with prospective students, but in fairly general terms.  Ideally, for a PhD, you are going to have something that you desperately want to know the answer to.  Our job is to help you get those answers, or at least point out some interesting sights along the way.


The School of BioSciences has a fantastic 2 year Masters program that involves 50% research.  It has largely replaced the traditional Honours year at Melbourne.  Students looking to do Masters will typically take on a slightly more ‘received’ project.  This is not to say that the project will be prescriptive, but rather that we’ll have a much larger role in defining the questions, and techniques that you might use.  Of course, we are always happy to hear from students at this level that have their own burning questions as well.  To give you a sense of the kind of projects that might be on offer with me under the Masters programme, click here.

If you are interested in joining SpEEL, please send Ben an email, with your CV and academic transcript.

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