Evolution is amazingly simple and yet pleasingly complicated.  As a theory with explanatory power in our everyday world, evolution is unparalleled. Our work tends to hover around the vague borderlands between ecology and evolution.  Of course these borderlands capture almost the entirety of both disciplines, so we keep busy. But we are particularly interested in how spatial processes alter ecological and evolutionary outcomes. Space matters, in subtle and profound ways.

We work in both applied and theoretical domains. We are interested in advancing and testing theory, but we are always on the lookout for how theory might be applied. And we often take inspiration from applied problems.

Most of our field work is in northern Australia, reflecting Ben’s long experience in that part of the world.  We currently have projects running in the Wet Tropics, the Top End, the Kimberley, Victoria, and SW Western Australia (for now).  We tend to work on reptiles and amphibians, but will try anything really.  We are currently working to develop an Australian Daphnia species as a model organism for asking fundamental questions, and we have made forays into the worlds of nematodes, mammals, insects, plants, chytrid fungus, and even simulated organisms.

Ben’s google scholar page has quite a few of our publications. Else go to the blog archives to find out more about a few specific projects.

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