Lab Alumni, in reverse order of exodus…

Louise Barnett (PhD 2013-2016, co-supervised with Conrad Hoskin).  Going feral: the slow-motion invasion dynamics of an introduced gecko in Australia.

Emily Gregg (MSc 2015-2016; co-supervised with Reid Tingley). The feasibility of a waterless barrier to halt the spread of toads.

John Llewelyn (TLJV Postdoc 2012-2016; JCU). Adaptation in peripheral isolates.

Stewart Macdonald (PhD 2011-2015; JCU). Peripheral isolates as hotbeds of adaptive variation under climate change.

Andrew Coates (MSc 2014-2015; co-supervised with Conrad Hoskin at JCU). Parasites on the edge: patterns of parasitism across the range edge of the Asian House Gecko.

Amberlee “The Dark Instrument” Hatcher (2013-2016).  Research Assistant extraordinaire.

Collin Storlie (PhD Completed 2015; co-supervised with Jeremy Vanderwal at JCU). Statistical downscaling the weather: the influence of spatiotemporal scale on ecological predictions.